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Number Plates

    We are now DVLA approved vehicle registration plate suppliers.We can supply plates for Cars,Motorcycles, 4x4 and trailers.

In order to supply a plate we must see proof of entitlement to that particular number. This is either the V5 document or new owner tear off slip. We will also need to see id for the person purchasing the plate ( this does not have to be the registered keeper) We only supply legal plates NO SHOW PLATES.

Your vehicle will not pass an MOT test unless your plates conform to and are marked with the BSAU 145d mark. You may have only the country or EU emblems on the left of the plate. You cannot display a Slogan under the number other than the suppliers name and post code.

We and any plate supplier are legally obliged to log all sales of number plates and any supplier selling plates and not logging proof of entitlement and identity are liable to a £2500 fine and their DVLA approval revoked for 5 years. So Please do not ask us for "SHOW PLATES" as we do not supply these. We do not sell on line as we need to see proof. We DO make plates while you wait. So if your looking for legal number plates in Dudley pay us a visit.

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