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Vehicle Remaps

Did you know that your vehicle is performing up to 25% less

efficiently than it could? And with fuel prices on the increase it makes sence to squeeze every bit out of your vehicle's fuel performance.

Most vehicles after 1999 have an ECU fitted (electronic control unit) this unit controls ignition timing, fuel delivery, and a host of other things. That all affect how your vehicle performs both BHP and fuel economy,most vehicle manufacturers set their ECU's at a "happy medium" which is well below what the vehicle is truly capable of.This is because of differing operating conditions and fuel grades around the world.

What if we could re program the ECU to give your Vehicle Better fuel economy between 10% and 25% and also give your vehicle more BHP. And so give increased towing capacity , your vehicle would feel smoother pull a whole lot better and be a pleasure to drive plus save you £££ at the pump.The benifits of having your vehicle re-mapped far outweigh the cost! Its the only modification that actually saves you money.

We now offer vehicle remapping in the west midlands area at JBF. We are now agents for Uk Chip Tuning and we can supply and install their custom tuning files to your vehicle.

How is it done?

All manufacturers have to limit the BHP and mpg of their vehicles in order to adhere to the many different markets around the world. From simple things such as differing fuel grades to issues with marketing and affordability. So your car will always under perform both for power and for fuel efficiency.

Most engines are controlled by an onboard computer (ECU), this communicates

many things back to the car but importantly for us it dictates how your vehicle

drives. We are able to modify the way in which this communication happens, to

open the true potential without any performance compromises

90% of vehicles from 1999 onwards are programmed remotely through the diagnostic

port (OBD). The ECU is untouched and there is no replacement chip, So there in no longer any risk of damage to your vehicle.

A Diagnostic check is always carried out before we start programming the car.

The custom modified file is then loaded on to the vehicle.

A final diagnostic check is then done to give the all clear for any fault codes or

conflictions before handover.Your vehicle will then feel smoother, and accelerate quicker or perform more economically, depending on the level of re-map you choose.

Is it Legal ?

Yes, it is perfectly legal to tune your vehicle.

Can the original settings be re-installed?

We always backup the original file settings on our database so the original file

can always be uploaded back onto the vehicle.

Is remapping the same as chipping?

Chipping is an older version of what remapping is today. Chipping involves the ECU being physically opened, replacing the main microchip with a modified microchip. This invalidates the warranty. Our method means we never have to open the ECU. Remapping poses less risk than chipping as we are building on the

vehicles original map specific to that vehicle, rather than a generic map, which in turn may not give the customer the performance they desire.

What fuel saving could I Expect?

It depends on the level of customisation of the mapping ie economy Map or performance mapping or a happy medium.But you should expect between 10% to 25% saving in MPG if the ecomomy option is chosen.That is quite a saving over time and the remap pays for itself.

A Very Special OFFER to any tint customers both new or old on production of your invoice we will remap your vehicle for £170!!! thats a £30 saving on normal in house mapping price.

At what location do you want the remap done.
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